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Dr. Sloth...? Who is this genius you speak of?

Hello everyone! ♥

My name is Jessica and I love Neopets! :D

Here you will find all of my Neopets antics, combined into one big, pink, polka-dotted happiness blog!

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Feb 21 '13

I just want to throw it out there that not everyone who joined the Red Erisim did it as some kind of a Harry Potter reference. ;n;

I don’t know if most people did or not??

I guess joining the magic team automatically means Happy Potter now?

Because I didn’t even think of that comparison until people on the tag mentioned it. |D;;

I’m not really 100% sure why I joined, because I also wanted to be a Brute or a Seeker, but umm… I guess I did it mostly because if they make different avatars/site themes and such based on the different teams, I think the Bori looks the coolest. -u-

But yeah, really, I don’t think it should matter much who people joined which team. It’s just for fun, so let people have fun, whether they are making fandom references to the plot or not!